The Queen's Speech

This Queen’s Speech is about recognising and grasping the opportunities that lie ahead for the United Kingdom as we leave the European Union.


New figures have shown that the number of people in work has reached a record high.

Thank you!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped or voted for me and to those, particularly of other parties, who confided ahead of the result that they thought I deserved to win. Despite the campaign being twice overshadowed by terror, it has been a terrific month!

Science, Technology and Innovation Post-Brexit

Former geneticist and Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge, Dr John Hayward, was invited to talk about the challenges and opportunities of the coming Brexit negotiations with staff at the University of Cambridge Chemistry Department.

For a brighter future vote Conservative

If we get Brexit right, we can do great things as a country. Vote for Theresa May and her Conservative team to deliver a brighter future for everyone.

Standing with Theresa May

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Darker Side of Politics Exposed

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate‎ for Cambridge, Dr John Hayward, has warned that Cambridge is ceasing to be a safe space for free speech and public debate.  John spoke out after evidence emerged that Labour Party activists in Cambridge were co-ordinating on social media to deface and remove

Action to Defeat Islamist Extremism

Theresa May made clear that enough is enough – we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are when it comes to Islamist extremism.
She set out 4 things that need to change. Please share them today.