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Angela Osturk
t: 07808 04752

Your priorities are my priorities:-

  • Ensuring Abbey receives its fair share of funding to repair roads and footpaths
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour
  • Working for better public transport links to Addenbrookes’ Hospital
  • Lobbying for funding to improve Abbey Stadium


James Strachan

t: 01223 245 850

Your priorities are my priorities:-

  • Campaigning for more affordable and social housing for local residents
  • Ensuring our area receives its fair share of funding to improve roads and pavements
  • Working to enforce responsible dog ownership throughout the ward


Eddie MacNaghton

t: 07808 04752

Your priorities are my priorities:-

  • Promoting intelligent solutions for reducing traffic problems and pollution
  • Making Cambridge’s public parks and recreation grounds more attractive for all, for example by providing more seating
  • Campaigning for a unitary authority for Cambridgeshire, to ensure consistent policy making across city and county
  • Promoting at every opportunity a greener and more sustainable Cambridge City

Cherry Hinton

Eric Barrett Payton
t: 07808 04752

An experienced Councillor at both City and County levels, Eric has a long record of public and community service.  He has held the positions of Chairman of the Parents’ Association, School Governor and member of the Parish Church Council. He has also been Chairman of both the Cambridge City Police Liaison Committee and the Trustees of the Cambridge and County Folk Museum.  A retired Accountant, who is married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren, Eric is committed to working hard for his local community and tackling the issues that matter most to local residents.

Your priorities are my priorities

  • Campaigning for more affordable and social housing for local residents
  • Ensuring our area receives its fair share of funding to improve roads and pavements
  • Working to enforce responsible dog ownership throughout the Ward


Sam Barker
t: 07808 04752

Sam has lived in Cambridge for over a decade, during and after university. Sam is married with children and lives in the heart of Coleridge.

Sam has worked for charities and think tanks in Cambridge and London and currently works with an international development charity known as Tearfund where he heads up the policy team on environment, fighting corruption and humanitarian aid.

Sam enjoys time with his family, gardening and helps out in church.

Sam wants a better deal for Coleridge which is what has driven him to stand up to make a difference.

Your priorities are my priorities:-

  • Fighting anti-social road use – whether speeding cars, parked cars, mopeds or cyclists
  • Campaigning for housing which is affordable for local residents
  • Making sure Coleridge has the schools and services it needs
  • Supporting growth in our local economy

East Chesterton

Kevin Francis
t: 07808 04752

Kings Hedges

Annette Karimi
t: 07808 04752


Barney Barber
t: 078080 4752

Your priorities are my priorities:-

  • Preserve Market Ward’s Green Spaces. A greater share of income from letting Market’s Green Spaces must be re-invested in preserving them for others in years to come.
  • Relocate Parker’s Piece Bus Station from the historic centre: The original plan to locate heavy coach traffic in the station road area must be reinstated.
  • Promote Safer Cycling, Safer Walking: Better road surfaces for cyclists are needed. “No cycle” pathways for pedestrians must be enforced.
  • Secure effective weekend cleaning for Market’s litter and stricter policing of fly tipping.
  • Conserve Market’s historic character, skyline and streetscape from insensitive development.


Julius Carrington
t: 07808 04752

I believe that listening to the diverse voices across Newnham and across Cambridge is important. Only with the community working together can we help shape the future of our City. We all care about affordable housing, we all care about clean air, we all care about the green belt and we all care about the City’s chronic congestion so to suggest otherwise simply shows a lack of faith in the people of Cambridge.

I have been energised by the number of people from across the whole community attending meetings in Newnham on a range of issues, all wanting to help – we need to harness this not dismiss it!


Catherine Durance
t: 07808 04752

Catherine has lived in Cambridge for 20 years working as a scientist. She actively volunteers for a national mental health charity supporting the emergency services. She has seen Cambridge change greatly over the years and yet the same problems that we all see, continue. Catherine cares very much about the environment on a local, national and international level, and also in the quality of life of the residents of Cambridge.

She believes that our city should be able to thrive and at the same time have minimal impact on our environment. Catherine would like to see an improvement to the road surfaces in Petersfield and reducing pollution from traffic congestion around the station and Mill Road.

She would like to hear from Petersfield residents about any other improvements wanted in their ward.


Roy Barton
t: 07808 04752

I am a widowed citizen with considerable life experience. I am very interested in the welfare of people from birth to death in the society in which I live. So if elected, you have my assurance that I will fight for the wellbeing of the people of all ages, seeking to ensure the general welfare and wellbeing of all.

I will press forward the project for low cost/affordable homes for the needy, accelerate the need for road repairs and building program, and push for improvements in facilities for leisure for our very young, our youth and the elder citizens of our community.

I come to you as a man of faith with a firm belief that the Conservative Party has at root an ideology that seeks to look after the wellbeing of the nation, whilst encouraging the people to look after themselves.

Your priorities are my priorities:-

  • Tackling the issues that matter most to local residents
  • Campaigning for a higher standard of cleaning and local maintenance in our area.
  • Working with the local Conservative team for a greener Cambridge
  • Campaigning to ensure that our area receives its fair share of Council funding
  • Working to promote the creation of more local jobs for local people


Sharpour Meftah
t: 07808 04752

Sharpour was elected to the City Council in May 2012, defeating the Lib Dem incumbent by a margin of 79 votes.

Shapour has lived in Trumpington for many years and has run the Cantab Millenium store on Mill Road since he founded it in 1992.

He came to England in 1980 from Iran, where his father had served as Minister of Defence under the Shah.  In his early years here, he took a variety of jobs to support his studies and his family, including working nights selling kebabs and as a factory worker making parts for the Channel Tunnel. More details of his life story were recorded several years ago by a Cambridge art project.

Priorities for Trumpington:-

A fair deal for Trumpington
Sharpour will campaign for Trumpington to receive the facilities and investment it needs, particularly looking at developers’ contributions.

Improved access
Trumpington is often gridlocked, with greater traffic likely, as development continues. Sharpour will seek to work closely with the County Council to improve the transport infrastructure.

Safer Streets
Sharpour is concerned by the recent increase in violent crime in Trumpington and would vote to set this as a local police priority.

West Chesterton

Simon Lee
t: 07808 04752

Simon grew up over much of England in a single parent family with very humble beginnings.

He served in the British Army, on active duty predominantly in the Balkans. Since leaving the services he has worked for philanthropists, diplomats, political figures, and royalty.

Simon is passionate about the environment and is a keen supporter of Help for Heroes. In his spare time he enjoys F1 and walking his faithful sausage dog along the river Cam and the occasional bird-watching.